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7 Tips for Potty Training Superbe Bébé

Potty training children generally occurs after the age of two, and there is no miracle method. Here are seven essential tips to support your child in this stage:

  1. Respect your child's pace: Wait until your child has sufficiently developed his motor skills and is around two and a half years old to start potty training. Make sure he is ready physically, physiologically and psychologically.

  2. Be transparent and relaxed: Explain to your child what the potty is and what it is for in a factual way. Do not show stress or elation. Create a relaxed atmosphere to promote learning.

  3. Introduce the potty gradually: Show your child the potty and explain how to sit on it, even when dressed. You can use a stuffed animal to show him how to do it. Offer him the pot at strategic times, such as in the morning when he wakes up, after meals or before bed.

  4. Congratulate successes: When your child uses the potty successfully, praise them warmly. Avoid rewarding him with gifts, favor verbal encouragement.

  5. Teach hygiene: Teach your child how to wipe properly with toilet paper, showing them the correct technique. Also encourage hand washing after using the toilet.

  6. Be patient and avoid scolding: If your child refuses potty training, take a break without scolding him. Consult your doctor if necessary, but maintain a positive and relaxed approach.

  7. Manage potty training at night: Nighttime potty training may take more time. Leave a potty in your child's room with a night light, but use a diaper overnight until he or she is ready.

Remember that every child is different and potty training can take time. Remain encouraging, understanding and positive throughout this important stage of your child's development.

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